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Skin Care Basic Essentials

Skin Care & Non-Surgical Treatments

Basic Essentials

Moisturizing is an essential step in every skin care regimen. Moisturizers help soothe dry skin, protect sensitive skin, and improve skins overall texture. They do so by trapping water in the top layer of skin and forming a temporary barrier to help prevent moisture from escaping through the skin surface.

Obagi Hydrate is an effective daily moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types. Hydrate is superior to your typical moisturizer in that it starts working quickly and it continuously releases moisturizing ingredients throughout the day. This daily moisturizer is light enough to be worn daily or as needed.

For patients who require extra-strength moisturizing Obagi Hydrate Luxe can be used at night. Hydrate Luxe has the same benefits as Hydrate, with added ingredients specifically engineered to work while you sleep, for rich moisturizing, and renewal and radiance. This pampering nighttime cream’s effectiveness and luxuriousness is comparable to the most elite cult-favorite creams on the market.


In addition to the Obagi skin care systems, Dr. Rude also offers his own private label skin care creams to optimize the results of your regimen or chemical peels. These creams, which are all individually compounded in our office, are our Pro-Essentials product line. This line consists of three different creams: Brightener, Revitalizer, and One Step.

The Brightener cream is compounded with Arbutase, a skin lightening ingredient, to aid in the elimination of age spots and hyperpigmentation. This type of discoloration develops from years of exposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays. Arbutase yields the same results as Hydroquinone, an ingredient effective in treating hyperpigmentation, which is no longer available to purchase through a physician’s office in Texas. Brightener can be worn both night and day to achieve or maintain an even and bright complexion.

The Revitalizer cream is compounded with vitamin A, an ingredient that speeds up the cellular metabolism of the skin’s surface to treat fine lines and uneven skin tone. As skin ages, the turnover of skin cells slows, which decreases the ability for old, damaged skin cells to slough off, and new, healthy skin cells to grow in their place. Vitamin A is effective at accelerating skin cell turnover, resulting in a softening of imperfections and an overall refreshed complexion. Because vitamin A thins the outer layer of the skins surface, making skin more vulnerable to UV damage, Revitalizer should only be used at night. Patients using any product containing vitamin A are advised to be especially diligent about sunscreen use during the day.

The One Step cream, the most popular of the three creams, is compounded with both Arbutase and vitamin A. This patient favorite combines the hyperpigmentation fading benefits of the Brightener, and the skin cell turnover acceleration benefits of the Revitalizer, to create a cream that is all inclusive. The result is an overall healthier, more youthful appearance. Because One Step contains vitamin A, it should only be used at night.

All of Dr. Rude’s Pro-Essentials creams are individually compounded in the office, and as a result, are all customized to the individual. The active ingredients in the creams will be added to suit your unique individual needs. Creams can be compounded to be more conservative or aggressive, depending on your skin’s specific needs and your desired result. These custom creams, combined with our wide variety of Obagi products, allows for Dr. Rude to create a skin care regimen that is truly your own.

Sun Screen

Sun protection is something that Dr. Rude adamantly feels is essential to everyone’s skincare regimen. When it comes to your skins overall health, UV rays are its greatest enemy. The sun gives off harmful rays that mutate your dermal cellular structures. These mutations can include the destruction of elastin and collagen, and the production of melanin. The loss of collagen and elastin results in fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. The production of melanin results in hyperpigmentation- often referred to as age spots. In addition to causing physical signs of aging, UV rays can cause skin cells to mutate into harmful skin cancers. It is for these reasons that Dr. Rude advises all patients to protect themselves from the sun. Sun block puts a physical barrier between your skin and the sun by using zinc oxide to physically block or deflect the sun’s rays. Dr. Rude offers two different sunscreens to suit the needs of his patient’s various skin types.

Obagi Sun Shield is a broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen with a smooth matte finish. This matte finish makes it ideal for patients with normal to oily skin. This sunscreen applies completely sheer, without any of the heavy greasiness that is so often associated drug store sunscreens. Because this sunscreen is made by the well trusted brand Obagi, it adheres to the exceptional standards that the brand is so well known for.

Dr. Rude also offers a private label sunscreen. This sunscreen differs from the Obagi sunscreen in its finish, texture and formula. This sunscreen is slightly tinted and has a creamy texture that goes on ultra-smooth, but without being too heavy. Because this sunscreen does not have a matte finish it is ideal for patients with dry to normal skin who often fine matte products to be dulling. The tint is subtle enough to be worn by both women and men, and is compatible with a wide variety of skin tones. The private label sunscreen also includes the added protection of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant essential to protecting your skin from sun damage.

Both the private label sunscreen and the Obagi Sun Shield give your skin a smooth, clean, finish that looks great under make up on when worn on their own. Dr. Rude believes that when used as directed these products provide protection that is sufficient and superior to that of brands found in drugstores.

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