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Skin Analysis

Managing healthy skin

Dr. Rude uses
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From early on, we learn that having a smooth, clear complexion is an attribute of physical attractiveness. However, as we age, maintaining that healthy glow becomes more difficult.

The face is the most exposed part of the body, vulnerable to the harsh rays of the sun. The face is also subject to acne, rashes, allergic reactions, and injuries that may leave permanent scars.

A number of non-surgical “refinishing” treatments are available for individuals who want to eliminate or soften imperfections on their facial skin and achieve a clearer, fresher look. These treatments include glycolic acids (sometimes called “fruity acids”), which are natural fruit substances blended into facial preparations and are used to eliminate rough or dried surface skin, and Retin-A®, a vitamin A-enriched cream that changes the cellular metabolism of the skin’s surface and is used to combat fine facial wrinkles and blotches from sun damage.

Obagi 1 As your skin ages and is exposed to UVA and UVB rays, the turnover of skin cells slows significantly, throwing off the balance between the growth of healthy new cells and the sloughing of old, damaged cells. Additionally, collagen and elastin begin to break down, causing the skin to lose resilience resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Daily exposure to UV light then accelerates this aging process and may cause uneven coloring.

The Nu-Derm System penetrates below the surface of your skin to transform skin cell functions at the cellular level and correct the damage within.

Using a specific dose and frequency that’s recommended specifically by your skin care professional for your skin condition, the prescription-strength system exfoliates old skin leaving healthy, new skin that looks and acts younger and healthier.

  • Improves cellular skin function
  • Minimizes the signs of premature aging
  • Reduces future photodamage
  • Helps skin look and act younger and healthier
  • Reduces acne flares
Obagi 1


Obagi 4 You found it! The eye treatment that works to reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. We know you’ve been frustrated. You’re not alone. But now that ELASTIderm has arrived, your frustration ends here. And this is the one-of-a-kind product that can not only change the way you think about eye treatments, it can change the way you look.

ELASTIderm is a one of a kind eye treatment from Obagi Medical Products. By using a revolutionary bi-mineral complex called Copper Zinc Malonate, it works to help restore the elasticity around your eyes and reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles.

It really works to reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles and bring back the SNAP. And because it contains ingredients that are gentle, yet powerful, it’s only available through your skin care professional.

  • Bi-mineral Complex: Includes zinc and copper to help restore elasticity and build collagen
  • Malonic Acid: In a patent-pending Obagi formulation that helps stimulate the production of skin cells
  • Blueberry Extract: Provides antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals which deprive skin of its youthful glow
  • Penetrating Therapeutics: An Obagi technology that helps drive the ingredients deep into the skin where it can get to work
Obagi 4


Obagi 5 With Obagi-C Rx, you’re on your way to healthier, refreshed, revitalized skin from cell to surface. Obagi-C Rx Systems promote skin rejuvenation from the inside out using a formulation of prescription-strength 4% hydroquinone, which reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and age spots, combined with 10% L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)-the only topical antioxidant proven to stimulate collagen synthesis and protect your skin by minimizing future skin cell damage.

Obagi-C Rx Systems are ideal skin care if you have…

  • Minimal fine lines
  • Minimal unevenness of skin tone
  • Mild hyperpigmentation and minimal age spots
  • Intolerance to, or are not ready for, more aggressive anti-aging regimens
  • Dry, normal, oily, or even sensitive skin
Obagi 5


Obagi 6 Your skin deserves all the protection you can give it from daily exposure to the sun’s damaging rays and environmental conditions that cause premature aging. Visible signs of aging, those fine lines and wrinkles, are caused by tiny molecules known as ‘free radicals’. Free radicals dramatically multiply with exposure to sun, air pollution and other environmental assaults, ravaging skin cells and breaking down collagen that gives skin its youthful resilience.

Obagi Professional-C Serums use advanced scientific formulas developed and tested by leading Vitamin C experts. Obagi Professional-C Serums offer maximum daily antioxidant protection and greater penetration than other Vitamin C products. The greater the penetration, the greater the antioxidant benefit to your skin.

Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals to prevent skin cell damage. Professional strength Vitamin C can give your skin the superior protection it needs to:

  • Prevent premature signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protect against future damage
  • Stimulate collagen production for firmer, more resilient skin
  • Lighten and brighten skin for more even tone

Obagi 360 is an effective and easy-to-use system created specifically for the needs of patients in their twenties to thirties. It includes just three essential products: a cleanser, a retinol, and a moisturizing sunscreen.

Here is a breakdown of how each of these products works to help you achieve and maintain a healthy complexion:
Cleanser: The Obagi 360 Exfoliating Cleanser is used twice daily (AM & PM) to unclog pores, gently exfoliate dead skin cells, and meticulously clean your skin. This leaves your skin smoother, brighter, and perfectly primed for the next step in your regimen.

Moisturizing Sunscreen: Obagi 360 HydraFactor Broad Spectrum 30 is applied in the morning after you use your 360 cleanser. The 360 HydraFactor does the job of two products. It is a soothing moisturizer that also effectively protects you from damaging UV rays.

Retinol: Obagi 360 Retinol (0.5% or 1.0% depending on your specific needs) is applied at night after you use your 360 cleanser. This form of retinol is released gradually to refine your skins tone and texture, so you achieve a clearer-looking complexion with minimal irritation. It is also efficient for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.

When the Obagi 360 system is used as directed, and under the advisement of Dr. Rude, patients should expect to see the following results:

  • A brighter, more even skin tone and texture
  • Refined appearance of fine lines
  • Minimized appearance of pores
  • Moisturized skin
  • Relief from occasional break outs
  • Maintained resiliency

Obagi 8 Blue Peel RADIANCE effectively exfoliates the uppermost damaged skin layers, leaving your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant.

  • In-office treatment is quick and easy
  • Gentle yet effective formulation means results without downtime
  • Improves a range of skin concerns and procedures including photodamage, skin resurfacing, and overall enhancement of texture and tone
Obagi 8

Obagi 9 ELASTILash Eyelash Solution can help you acheive the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes. 7 out of 10 patients reported the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes in as little as 6 weeks.

  • No prescription needed- purchase ELASTILash directly from your skin care specialist
  • No need to change the wand with every application. For best results, apply 1 generous brush stroke along the entire upper eyelash line every night
  • No evidence of eyelid darkening or change in iris pigmentation. ELASTILash may be ideal for patients with light eye and skin color
Obagi 9

To enhance any of our Obagi skin care systems Dr. Rude may advise patients to add a product from his Pro-Essentials line.

You may also be interested in complimentary procedures like Skin Care Basic Essentials, rhinoplasty or facelift.

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