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Dr. Rude also offers his own private label skin care creams to optimize the results of your regimen or chemical peels. These creams, which are all individually compounded in our office, are our Pro-Essentials product line. This line consists of three different creams: Brightener, Revitalizer, and One Step.

The Brightener cream is compounded with Arbutase, a skin lightening ingredient, to aid in the elimination of age spots and hyperpigmentation. This type of discoloration develops from years of exposure to damaging UVA and UVB rays. Arbutase yields the same results as Hydroquinone, an ingredient effective in treating hyperpigmentation, which is no longer available to purchase through a physician’s office in Texas. Brightener can be worn both night and day to achieve or maintain an even and bright complexion.

The Revitalizer cream is compounded with vitamin A, an ingredient that speeds up the cellular metabolism of the skin’s surface to treat fine lines and uneven skin tone. As skin ages, the turnover of skin cells slows, which decreases the ability for old, damaged skin cells to slough off, and new, healthy skin cells to grow in their place. Vitamin A is effective at accelerating skin cell turnover, resulting in a softening of imperfections and an overall refreshed complexion. Because vitamin A thins the outer layer of the skins surface, making skin more vulnerable to UV damage, Revitalizer should only be used at night. Patients using any product containing vitamin A are advised to be especially diligent about sunscreen use during the day.

The One Step cream, the most popular of the three creams, is compounded with both Arbutase and vitamin A. This patient favorite combines the hyperpigmentation fading benefits of the Brightener, and the skin cell turnover acceleration benefits of the Revitalizer, to create a cream that is all inclusive. The result is an overall healthier, more youthful appearance. Because One Step contains vitamin A, it should only be used at night.

All of Dr. Rude’s Pro-Essentials creams are individually compounded in the office, and as a result, are all customized to the individual. The active ingredients in the creams will be added to suit your unique individual needs. Creams can be compounded to be more conservative or aggressive, depending on your skin’s specific needs and your desired result. These custom creams allow for Dr. Rude to create a skin care regimen that is truly your own.

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