Malcolm Rude, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Brazos Valley Plastic Surgery


Ladies often ask me what can be done for the fine wrinkly skin on their chest.

The skin in this area has often gotten significant sun exposure from V-neck shirts over the years. This results in fine wrinkling of the skin.

We now have two very good options for improving this.

The first is Sculptra. Some of the latest techniques in Sculptra have allowed us to improve this area by filling it in. Sculptra is a bio-stimulating. I explain this to patients by telling them that it is best thought of as collagen seeds. There are tiny micronized particles of the same compound that dissolving sutures are made of. As your body dissolves these particles collagen is laid down. The result is a very soft look. It does take several weeks for the collagen to be grown but it has been a nice way of improving a chest. The skin of the chest is often improved with either a combination of chemical peels or lasers. The chest cannot be peeled as aggressively as the face but it can certainly be improved.

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