Malcolm Rude, M.D.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Brazos Valley Plastic Surgery

Botox or Dysport for the lower face

The injection of neurotoxin i.e. Botox or Dysport is most commonly thought of for the upper face. Injecting between the eyes, the forehead, or around the eyes for the crow’s feet are the most common areas for injecting Botox. However, we very commonly inject it elsewhere. Some of the most popular areas are on the lips for “smoker’s lines”. Certainly, not everyone who has these lines is a smoker, which only makes them dislike the lines more. Other popular areas are the corners of the mouth. There is a muscle called the depressor anguli oris. It turns the corners of the mouth down in a frown. By softening the action of this muscle it can help the corners turn up some. I often use it in conjunction with fillers on the corners of the mouth or commissures.

Dysport or Botox can also be injected in the chin for people who have excessive chin dimpling.

The last popular area is on the neck. Dysport injections of the neck can be done to help some of the transverse wrinkles. I usually caution my patients that this is a relatively modest result. It can certainly make a difference but it doesn’t in everyone. It also does not do anything to tighten the skin.

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